About Ladan

For as long as she can remember, Ladan Afshar has been fascinated by color and light in the world around her.

Whether it is the terra cotta roof tops scattered amongst the vibrant colors of the Italian countryside as seen from an airplane, or the reflection of the Indian Ocean’s turquoise blue waters sparkling in the sunlight, or even the flirtatious movement of the vibrant saris in India, she has drawn upon this fascination as the foundation of her dream to create jewelry of the utmost elegance.

In 2009, she was approached by a woman who insisted on purchasing the unique, hand-crafted necklace which Ladan was at that very moment designing.  She realized it was time to share her passion with the world; it was then that Ladan Afshar Fine Jewelry was officially founded.

Ladan often looks to nature for inspiration, finding beauty in animals, insects, birds, plants and reptiles. She scours the globe in search of the rarest, most intriguing precious and semi precious stones that are bestowed with exquisite coloring, and the finest cut. Working with local artisans, respecting jewelry traditions and revering age-old craftsmanship, she transforms the gems into her one-of-a-kind creations: each jewel conceived is unique and as original as a work of art.  Her signature pieces are all hand–crafted and include daring combinations of colors and textures – always emphasizing movement and light in order to make the woman wearing them feel confident and beautiful.

Ladan Afshar is Persian born and Los Angeles raised. Her creations have earned her a loyal following across the world, as well as rave reviews in the nations top magazines.


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